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Why Choose Spirit Enhancers

Spirit Enhancers was founded by Kelli Marin in 2006 for the purpose of offering extensive training in the area of cheerleading at a competitive level. This squad originated with six cheerleaders from Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia. The Spirit Enhancers have participated in numerous local events, community service activities, and local, regional, and national competitions. We welcome any girls or boys between the ages of five and adults who are interested in becoming the best in cheer and dance. ACCOLADES: OUR HEAD COACH KELLI MARIN, HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED NATIONALLY BY CHEER LTD “30 UNDER 30′ COACH OF EXCELLENCE AWARD. SHE WAS ALSO A TOP FINALIST IN THE 2014 COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD. 

  • 2023 Youth Summit Participant Youth Level 1
  • 2023 D2 Summit Bid recipient Junior Level 2
  • 2016 WOW Choreography Award Junior Level 1
  • Junior level 1 team ranked #3 in the 2015 US FINALS AT SPIRIT ENHANCERS


  • Make lifelong friends
  • Success for each athlete
  • Nationally recognized staff
  • Spirit-filled experience